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You Are Invited

Queer Emporium


Glitter Pride

Glitter Cymru


Queer Fringe Fest

Norwegian Church, Cardiff


On Your Face

Elysium Gallery



Meet Rokat (He/Him), a versatile artist hailing from India, who is a singer-songwriter, musician, and poet. Having spent his formative years in the middle-east, Rokat now calls the UK his home. With over a decade of experience in crafting music, he has recently taken to performing it live, especially in Wales.

Rokat's music is a compelling fusion of poetry, dynamic visuals, and an electrifying pop beat. Each song takes the listener on a journey through his life experiences and weaves together various intriguing stories.

One common theme that runs through most of Rokat's music is his Queer identity. As an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Rokat imbues his music with messages of love, acceptance, and positivity. Listen to Rokat's music and be transported to a world where artistic expression knows no bounds.

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