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Glitter Pride 2022

Updated: Feb 26

Glitter Pride 2022 was a dedicated pride event, by the organization Glitter Cymru, for the BAME LGBTQ+ community.

The event took place as Cathays Community centre in Cardiff. Glitter Cymru had got in touch with me to be part of this fabulous event. Everyone in the organization were extremely welcoming and friendly especially Vish, Rania, Numair and Jia-Wei.

To know more about Glitter Cymru, click below:

The Glitter Pride event was an incredible display of community spirit and love, leaving everyone in attendance filled with joy. The event was a melting pot of dynamic and creative artists showcasing their talents through music, poetry, and art.

For me, this event was made even more special because my family was able to join in on the festivities. It was a unique opportunity for them to witness the beauty of the BAME LGBTQ+ community, and to see me perform my music live.

I was overwhelmed by the positive reception of my music by the diverse crowd, and it filled me with immense joy and pride as a queer person of color.

The support and acceptance I received from everyone at Glitter Pride made the experience even more special, and it was truly heartwarming to see so much love and solidarity within the community.

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