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Sound Check at the Queer Emporium, Cardiff

Updated: Feb 26

My very first live performance in the UK was a dream come true. After filming my music video for the cover song 'Fever' with the Welsh Ballroom Community (WBC), Leighton, the head of the WBC, introduced me to the Queer Emporium, a popular queer venue in Cardiff. The owner, Jan, is the kindest and friendliest person I have met in Cardiff, and he does important work for the Queer community. He invited me to perform at an event called 'Sound Check,' where queer artists could showcase their music.

The venue, set up in an arcade, was a beautiful and intimate performance space. I had the pleasure of meeting several other wonderful artists and watching them perform their fantastic music. Jan's event was the perfect opportunity for me to connect with the local Queer community and share my music with a welcoming and supportive audience.

Published on March 14th 2022

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