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We are here, On Your Face

Updated: Feb 26

"On your face is a queer platform aiming to bring the queer creatives of Wales to the forefront. Through the creation of a directory of LGBTQ+ creatives of Wales (, queer content and spaces, we want to showcase the LGBTQ+ musicians, designers, writers, artists and photographers of Wales."

I had the chance to perform for their event 'We are here, On Your Face' - An evening of open mic, poetry and music. This event took place at the Elysium Gallery in Swansea." (

The performance was an intimate affair, where I had the privilege of interacting with the audience and understanding what they loved about the music I showcased. The organizers, Allun, Africa, and Claudia, were incredibly hospitable and kind in providing me with a platform to perform.

Events like this hold great significance for the Queer community, as they help us build confidence in showcasing our art fearlessly. They provide us with a unique opportunity to refine our skillset while also promoting our creative endeavors. These events act as a safe space for us to express ourselves without the fear of judgment, allowing us to push boundaries and explore new artistic horizons.

Published on 7th July, 2022

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